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Where and how to buy the cheapest silver Coins UK

If you are looking to get the most silver for your money, it really does make good logic to buy your silver peer to peer, thus avoiding the need to pay dealers commissions, sales fees, taxes and vat. i.e trade silver directly between buyer and seller, buying the lowest fair trade priced, pure 999 bullion quality, official mint sourced silver coins. My experience from trading silver bullion over eleven years has proven that there is no better way to get more for your silver than buying the lowest fair priced silver to start with.

There’s an old adage

You make your money when you buy not when you sell

My CoinsUK facilities were devised as a way to offer my own small collection of silver bullion and collectable coins directly to fellow collectors, thus negating the need for any of us to pay sales fees and commissions.
Buying and trading coins should be a win-win for both buyer and seller. In my opinion we can achieve this by pricing at a fair trade mid price point, eliminating sales commissions and dealing directly with trusted efficient sellers.

As this sales facility evolves I will be expanding the p2p sales channels to enable silver buyers and sellers to link up together using a new silverhubs platform which will enable you to authenticate sellers and quickly discover the best direct priced silver sellers.

Industry best silver trade direct pricing

CoinsUK & SilverHubs trade priced silver will facilitate a trusted go to platform where you can instantly obtain a fair trade pricing of all recognised, authenticated Official World Mint silver bullion coins.

SilverHubs ‘Mid trade price’

A fair mid point pricing of silver bullion coins

Trusted authenticated vat free silver coin sellers

SilverHubs Mid-Trade-Priced silver platform will contain a silver-pool of readily available tax free bullion coins, offered directly from silver sellers at a price which is below the sales pricing of coin dealers and regular online bullion sellers, whilst returning a fair price for the seller by avoiding the usual sales fees and commissions.

Peer-to-peer almost always returns the fairest pricing, quite simply you cut of the middle man!

Why trust CoinsUK to provide fair silver coin pricing? At times, coins from my own silver collection is offered on sale, you can compare prices with other sales outlets and evaluate the offers yourself. Once the Silverhubs format launches I would be competing to offer the fairest selling price alongside other coin sellers. There will be a ‘Trade mid point’ whereby sellers can offer their own silver coins into the sales pool, or they can outbid the regular trade price and offer their silver at a lower priced, it’s like a reverse auction format – whereby sellers will compete to provide their silver at the best offer price. Buyers can opt to buy form the trade sales pool – already fair trade priced because it’s sourced with p2p silver, rather than dealer priced silver, i.e. it eliminates the fee’s and profit mark-ups from coin dealers.

Whilst SilverHubs takes shape – I always aim to offer my own silver coins at a fair selling price, more aligned to private selling prices than retail dealer pricing.

You can always make a reasonable offer on any items listed for sale and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop me a line – I might just know where to find it!

SilverHubs mission

making silver trade easy

Secondary market vat free silver – new and pre-owned silver bullion coins offered directly for sale at the lowest fair trade prices