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Gold & silver coin sales

Coins UK – Coin sales supplying silver bullion and collectable gold coins from UK stock & private collections
SilverHubs – also offer secondary market silver sales – vat free and lower cost silver that’s often just like new!

Coins UK SilverHubs can also assist you selling your own silver, gold, bullion & collectable coins.

We often hold stock of most year Britannia silver coins as well as numerous other silver bullion and collectables, so please get in touch if there is anything you are looking to buy, or sell.

Silver is money: natural mineral symbol Ag. is currently mined at a silver to gold ratio of 11/1. It has been a perfect natural form of storing monetary wealth and value for over 4000 years. Britannia is Britains iconic female symbol of stemming from 43AD when the Roman Empire began its conquest of the island, establishing a province named Britannia.

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Showing all 22 results