What price might I get for selling my silver coins in 2020?

As a silver coin seller: At Coins UK SilverHubs, Typically we’d expect you to receive an extra 10-20% more in comparison to selling your silver coins to a bullion dealer, since dealers seldom pay much more than the basic silver spot, trade or scrap price.

Silver dealers coin buying price comparisons: In January 2020 CoinsUK SilverHubs conducted price checks on 11 UK coin dealer sites with offers to buy silver coins typically ranging between just 95% and 101% of the basic silver spot price. Certain UK coin buyers will offer some additional premium for the most desirable silver bullion coins, but you will rarely be offered anywhere close to the retail sales price which you could sell your coins for directly yourself. It is well worth your effort to spend time researching retail coin prices and then all you have to do is photograph and list your coins for sale.

As most coin collectors are well aware; Depending on the coin type, age, rarity and desirability you should also be able to sell for substantially more than spot prices. It is reasonable to offer more collectable silver coins for between 20-50% over spot price, whilst still providing good, fair value for the coin buyer.

Selling example at a Jan 2020 spot silver price of around £13.70 per Troy silver ounce, most dealers are offering around the £13.60-£13.90 price range to buy,

silver bullion one troy ounce coins
Official world Mint one Troy ounce 999 silver bullion coins ©CoinsUK 2020

Silver Coin Buyers

Who buys silver coins and pays the best fair trade prices?

Answer; small businesses, private collectors & Coin dealers who appreciate and specialise in silver coins

How to get the best price selling silver coins

UK Britannia silver bullion coins
UK Britannia 999 fine silver bullion coins
Krugerrand 999 fine silver bullion investment coin sales
Krugerrand 999 silver bullion coins

If you would like to sell your coins for more than just spot silver price, get in touch with me directly for more information about ways to sell your silver coin collections.

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