What price could I get for selling my silver coins in 2024?

All silver Britannia coinage – currently wanted, contact us

As a silver coin seller: At Coins UK SilverHubs we would typically expect you to receive an extra 10%-15% over the daily spot bullion price, which should be more, in comparison to selling your silver coins to a larger bullion dealer, in the UK, since most of silver bullion dealers seldom pay much more than the basic silver spot price.

If you would like to discuss selling any of your silver collection, please get in touch and I will always be happy to offer some advice or suggestions, even if they’re not items that I may buy myself. Of-course, I am always especially keen to offer the best price to buy most silver bullion coins, especially the ones issued by reputable world coins Mints, like the UK Royal Mint, Canadian Mint and Perth Mint etc.

silver bullion one troy ounce coins
Official world Mint one Troy ounce 999 silver bullion coins © CoinsUK 2023

Silver Coin Buyers

Who buys silver coins and pays the best trade prices above spot silver?

Answer; small businesses, private collectors & Coin dealers who appreciate and specialise in silver coins

How to get the best price selling my silver coins

UK Britannia silver bullion coins
UK Britannia 999 fine silver bullion coins

If you would like to sell your coins for more than just spot silver price in the UK, then please, get in touch for more information. Thank you, Steve Hotson, Coins UK.

For more information you can also read our silver buyers insights.

Or contact me directly, anytime, Steve Hotson, CoinsUK SilverHubs owner.

We buy any silver 1oz coins in UK

We are currently offering industry leading prices here in GB to buy your 1ounce silver bullion coins, including;

UK Royal Mint Britannia £2 silver bullion coins, all years of the 999 silver, as well as the older .958 silver issues from 1997 to 2012. Britannia silver from 1997 to 2012 the silver coins had a silver fineness of 958 (95.8% or Britannia silver).

We also buy most other leading world Minted silver bullion coins, any quantity of 1oz coins, or Mint tubes from the Royal Canadian Mint, SA Minted Krugerrands, USA Mint silver Eagles and the Perth Mint being the amongst most popular with investors and collectors.

Selling silver bullion bars in UK

We can also offer above spot price for many silver bars, especially if you have a COA, or authenticating purchase record. We buy most popular sizes of silver bars, including 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, 100g, 250g.