Refund Returns Payment & privacy Policy

Coins UK Orders

Orders can be placed either online through the website or by telephone on the number provided on our contact page. Sales or buying offer prices will be fixed at the time of order placing and can not be altered thereafter, due to the fluctuating nature of precious metals prices.


All orders must be paid in advance unless a deposit and payment schedule has been agreed in advance. Collection can be made by pre-arranged appointment with proof of identification.
We do not keep most items on site, other than certain items that have been pre-ordered, or already sold awaiting shipping. It is therefore not possible to collect any goods other than those already pre-ordered, reserved and packaged for collection.  

Cancellation and Returns

The right to cancel under Regulation 13 of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 does not apply because the price of all goods that we sell is dependent upon fluctuations in the financial markets that are beyond our control. This cancellation policy is applicable for in all pre-ordered order items.  In special circumstances we can discuss cancellation of orders if you contact us as soon as possible. We believe in good old fashioned fair trade and word of trust – if you place an order and lock a price, we will honour that price. If you subsequently do not complete and settle your order, you may be black-listed from future trade. We will always aim to settle transactions in a fair and reasonable way.

We are always happy to provide you with a refund or exchange in line with your rights as a consumer.  Any queries with your products received must be reported to us as soon as possible, on the same day of receipt, or within 24hours.  However, if we feel that the coins do meet the standard and description/s as described, then we will be unable to provide a refund for the cost of any return postage. If we agree that a product is below standard we will provide an exchange if available, or refund, however the products must be returned in a timely manner and in the original condition and packaging in which they were supplied.

Due to fluctuating prices and the nature of the precious metals pricing for the following items types, we will not accept returns or provide refunds for; Silver bullion coins, silver proof coins, pre-owned secondary market coins, bullion 925 sterling silver or .500 silver coinage, scrap silver coins, or any coins with slight natural toning or silver milk spots.

We do authenticate, photograph and log every item prior to placing them onto the web site for sale. All items are then assigned a tracking reference, placed into secure storage and once sold, will be double checked for the correct weight, grade and metal type/content. All itmes are double checked prior to despatch, packages are weighed, photograped and sent by insured, tracked courier or SD postage. We reserve the right to cancel orders in the event of any un-forseen circumsatnces, although this is very rare, if we do need to cancel an order, we will always return the full funds paid.

Regulations for fraud prevention and requirements for ID

Customers may be required to provide a proof of Identity to satisfy the anti money laundering and fraud legislation that governs the certain purchases of precious metals over £10,000 we will require proof of the purchasers ID. We also require proof of address prior to sending large and high value orders by courier.
We may use your supplied information to conduct anti-fraud checks. Information which you supply may be given to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency. We will not supply your personal data to any other third party, unless there is a legal obligation to do so, e.g. it is requested by a lawful authority. We remain alert to money laundering and look to pro-actively eleminate any such risks from any trading of precious metals. Being a small sole trader business, we do not generally handle large amounts of bullion per transaction, nor do we supply cross-border, unless it is items of smaller value and are fully tracked and tracable. Any attempts to launder funds, or tamper with goods or packages, may be reported to the Police or other legal authorities.

Terms for purchase of your coins

Any offer to purchase, or re-sell your items, will be agreed in writing at the time of offer. Items must also be photographed by yourself and sent using an insured tracked delivery service. We record on camera, checking weight and contents of all packages as we open open them. If the contents match your stated type, weight and description, we will confirm, along with our acceptance to purchase them. We reserve the right to report any attempted sale of counterfeit items and to retain such items if requested to do so by the police or by HM Revenue & Customs.

To return your product, you should mail your product to our registered address, always using a fully insured, tracked courier or Royal Mail Special delivery.

If any items are agreed to be returned for a refund, they should be returned in the original packaging. You should also keep a photographic record of the items, weight and quantity, along with the same records for any return courier/postage. We will carry out the same stringent checks to re-authenticate the packaging, type, weight and quantity of items, which we record on camera at the time of receipt. You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item that you return, as in most cases, we do not charge for packaging or carriage ourselves, unless the items are under £50 in value.

For more details about; selling your silver coins

It is our policy to report any incidence of attempting to alter, tamper with, or attempt to take or deceave by reducing or tampering with the content of precious metals, to the police or HM Revenue & Customs.


We will only store any details which you provide to us, on our own localised hardware and web server, solely for the purpose of providing our own services and to full-fill the processing of your orders. We do not share your details with any third party. We do not enable third party advertising or other merchants to access this site.

If you have any other queries, please get in touch.