1 troy ounce pure 9999 silver dragon investment bar

Dragon 1oz silver bullion coin bars

#1 Silver coin bar – Produced by the Perth Mint who have an enviable reputation for impeccable quality, the 1 ounce Dragon rectangle silver bar is minted in the purest four nines silver, 9999 purity and also benefits from coinage status, since it’s a legal tender $1 face value silver coin.

#2023 – Limited stocks available. The main items available in stock are the 2018 and 2019 bars. All as supplied Mint new, stored in sealed Mint tubes. *Dragon bars always wanted, we pay well over spot for our favorite silver Dragons.

The .9999 silver 1oz Dragon bar has sound money features

  • Legal tender $1 face value
  • Super fine production quality
  • Produced by world renowned official Perth Mint
  • Easy to collect, store and value
  • Ease of authenticity, has intricate design on both the obverse and reverse
  • Internationally recognised and collected
  • Sold at bullion values whilst further benefits from a limited mintage of 500k Worldwide
  • Added appeal from the Dragons good luck reputation (and good looks!)

Adding further to the appeal is the fact that it’s refreshingly different on the crowded silver bullion coin scene! Coins like the UK Britannia, US Eagles, Canadian Maple-leafs etc have been around a good while now and have been minted in vast quantities meaning that in reality there’s very little added intrinsic value from year to year.

Competitively priced per Troy ounce of silver these 1oz Dragons can offer good value, epsecially when they come up for sale VAT Free on the secondary collectors market.

You gain from the exact same level of investment silver appreciation, whilst further enhanced by it’s added appeal from both coin collectors and silver bar stackers. Being a new release from 2018 there simply aren’t that many available and I’d therefore anticipate at least a moderate uplift in numismatic appeal which is a welcome bonus alongside the silver bullion value.

Perth Mint, 1 ounce silver Dragon rectangle coin bars are finely minted in the purest .9999 silver bullion, with striking varied designs year to year.

silver dragon bullion bars

Limited mintage Dragon 1 ounce silver bullion bars

Compare the Dragon coin bars mintage figure which is limited at a strict 500k – they look great value to me! But don’t take my word for it, shop around and compare re-sale prices at UK dealers for both the 2018’s – if you can find them in any decent quantity! and the earlier 2018 and 2019 issue are already showing positive signs of appreciation compared to the UK Britannia.

Dragon rectangle coin bars are supplied to approved Perth Mint distributors and then the secondary market wholesale coin trade.

Whilst we have limited quantities of lower priced secondary sale vat free Dragon bullion stock – we are still able to offer resale on our own 1oz Dragons at the similar prices as UK Britannia which is usually well under the larger bullion and coin dealer prices.

To get the lowest prices per bar I’d highly recommend buying in batches of 10 Dragon silver 1oz bars or full tubes of 20 ounces which also gives you free fully insured UK Special delivery. As per the 2018 Dragons they are sure to be a fast seller with growing awareness and Worldwide demand those limited issue 500k bars could well sell out faster each year.